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100+ Club

Meet our SCARS 100+ Club! These poor dogs and cats have been waiting at SCARS for forever homes for 100 days or more. So its not happy 100th b'day wishes from the Queen...its 100+ days at SCARS. Cats and dogs at SCARS are constantly moving into this Club unless they get adopted....... Please consider adopting one of these long term residents. We will ensure we support you as mu.. read more

Hours of Opening

We are OPEN from 10 am - 5pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Mondays and Public holidays unless otherwise advised. As of Wednesday the 7th November 2018 - Frizzo Rd is CLOSED = albeit temporarily? TRAVELLING TO SCARS If travelling north from Caloundra - Access to SCARS will be via EXIT 194 – SUNSHINE MOTORWAY, take the exit, turn left into Wilson Rd and follow th.. read more

CAT DESEXING PROGRAM 2019 "helping the community" $69

We have cat desexing vouchers for $69 which is a substantial discount on desexing of cats. You will need to be a Sunshine Coast resident and present a pension card or healthcare card when you visit the refuge to purchase the voucher. You are allowed one voucher per person and the program is not open to people who derive income from the sale of animals. We are open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm at .. read more

What We Do

About Us The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (Sippy Creek Animal Refuge Society Inc) was established in 1979. Our Mission statement is 'Giving refuge to abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs until permanently rehomed and educating the community on responsible pet ownership". The Refuge is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation and has a non-euthanasia policy. We also run education.. read more
  • Support the refuge

    Find out how you can help the cats and dogs who need to be kept safe and comfortable while they wait for their new homes...read more

  • Donate Now

    Donate to help the cats and dogs who need caring for properly until they can be re-homed...read more

  • Crazy about Cats?

    Our lovely cats are waiting for you to come and visit. They are all hoping to go to a loving and caring home...read more

  • Dog Lovers - over here

    Your best four legged companion may be here waiting for you if you are the right person for them...read more

  • Want to be a Volunteer?

    If you are committed, reliable and a cat or dog lover, we may have a place for you on our volunteer team. Apply now online...read more

  • Follow us on Facebook

    We always have plenty of events coming up - fundraisers, Talking Tails and special events and promotions. Keep an eye on this page...read more

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